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We offer both in-person services and telehealth consultations to guide healing from acute and chronic health challenges of all kinds.

Holistic Medicine Consultation

This comprehensive service is ideal for people with complex chronic health issues that have evolved and escalated into a multi-faceted imbalance with multiple body systems being affected. Have hope! This is our specialty. We are experts in diagnosing and treating this type of situation. Common diagnoses/issues that we successfully treat include:

  • Chronic Lyme and tick-borne infection
  • Long-haul Covid, chronic EBV, or other viral infections
  • Parasites, chronic yeast, or fungal infection
  • Mycotoxin illness or other toxin overload
  • Weaning off medications including antibiotics, pain, mood, and sleep medicines
  • Chronic digestive distress including food sensitivities, inflammation, IBD, Crohn’s, and SIBO
  • Neurological illnesses such as cognitive decline, tremors, sleep disorders, anxiety, and behavioral issues in children.
  • Chronic fatigue 
  • “Mysterious” health problems that have not been satisfactorily diagnosed or treated through other methods
  • And more.   

Want to know whether we can help you? Send us an inquiry with your background and we’ll give you some feedback.

This service aims to clarify the drivers of disease and inflammation and sets you on course for an empowering healing journey. Treatment typically involves an individualized protocol including:

  • Botanicals medicines, from a range of options such as tinctures, brews, powders, and our signature liposomal essential oil remedies (peruse our herbal product line at;
  • A healing diet, including support for problem-solving challenges and resources for structure, shopping, recipes, and planning;
  • Detoxification and cleansing practices—whole life detox is a foundational component of our clinical success;
  • Functional medicine (vitamin and mineral support) as needed to support organ function and heal nutrient deficiencies;
  • Lifestyle practices to cultivate vitality and healing momentum;
  • A medication weaning plan if/when appropriate.

Every session includes a written diagnostic and treatment plan and follow-up support emails with your practitioner or clinic staff in-between sessions. If you want detailed explanations about your treatment plan and our approach, and/or high-level support for your healing journey, this is the option for you.


Initial Visit: 45-60 minute consultation, includes lab review, (acupuncture if in-person), and treatment plan

  • with Hillary – $400
  • with Daniel – $225

Follow-up Sessions: 25-30 minute consultation, includes lab review, (acupuncture if in-person), and treatment plan

  • with Hillary – $200
  • with Daniel – $135

*Acupuncture insurance benefits may be applied towards the cost for in-person sessions (read more about insurance coverage here).

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Acupuncture is a 3,000-year-old therapy that promotes healing by activating electrical signals through the body via the needling of specific points. It is often effective for decreasing pain and releasing other types of blockage. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and can strengthen the immune system and vital organ function.

Most people experience acupuncture as deeply relaxing and receive a greater sense of well-being because it also supports a healthy nervous system and blood biochemistry.

Full private acupuncture sessions may include cupping, moxibustion, electric stimulation of the needles, and at times simple herbal and lifestyle recommendations. It is ideal for acute or mild to moderate health issues and clients who do not need complex herbal, dietary, or lifestyle support.


Initial Visit: 25-minute consultation and treatment

  • with Hillary – $175
  • with Daniel – $135

Follow-up Sessions: 10-15 minute progress review and treatment

  • with Hillary – $110
  • with Daniel – $90

*Acupuncture insurance benefits may be applied towards the cost for in-person sessions (read more about insurance coverage here).

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Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture is currently being offered by Daniel from 4-6pm on Fridays by appointment only. It is a lower-cost option so that more people may take advantage of the health benefits that acupuncture provides. Rather than a lengthy intake, we diagnose the body’s needs through pulse, tongue, and palpation. We focus on 1-2 primary complaints per treatment, which is given in a private or semi-private setting.

Community Acupuncture is ideal for tendonitis, low back or neck pain, anxiety, nervous tension, immune strengthening, or addiction.


Initial Visit: 15-minute intake and treatment

  • $75

Follow-up Sessions: check-in and treatment

  • $55

*Acupuncture insurance benefits may be applied towards the cost for in-person sessions (read more about insurance coverage here).

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Far Infra-Red Sauna

For health promotion, detoxification, and longevity, a far infra-red (FIR) sauna provides a multitude of systemic benefits. It’s like a wonder drug (without any side effects)! Unlike conventional saunas that pull sweat out of the body, far infrared energy penetrates up to 3 inches into your body and pushes the sweat out. Heating the body from the inside out forces the toxins out from under the skin, resulting in a deeper cleansing.

In order to heal from Lyme, auto-immune, and other complex disease processes, the inside of your body needs to be purified and provided with a healthy clean source of fuel. A far infrared sauna does both.


  • $20 / 30-minute session
  • package of 10 for $175

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Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming is a wonderful way for women to incorporate direct herbal medicine into the care for the uro-genital systems. It is a form of traditional medicine that involves sitting on a box that contains a pot of cooked herbs. The box has an opening in the center so that the steam from the herbs rises and enters into the vaginal canal where it can clear infections, bring fresh blood flow, and promote the health and function of the reproductive and urinary organs.

We recommend this service to support the healing of chronic urinary or yeast infections, menstrual difficulties, infertility, post-partum, and more.


  • $65 / 30 minute session (includes herbs)
  • package of 10 for $550

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Your clinic does powerful healing and meaningful work. You have completely changed my life for the better, and I hope others can reap the benefits of what you do. It is life changing, and I will ALWAYS be grateful to all of you, and your mission to heal.
SP, Lyme disease
Had to share!! My cravings… are hardly there. I am a believer. Seeing Hillary was the best decision I could have made! Also, her receptionist made me very comfortable.
JD, quitting smoking
It is rare these days to actually find a person who has the skill to resolve the problem. I am able to resume walking and feel much better. Congratulations, I am awed & grateful!
SB, high blood pressure
I want to express my deep appreciation for all on the staff whom I've interacted with. No matter who I've talked with, I'm greeted with a pleasant, kind and caring reception... Please accept my gratitude for all you each do and your helpful and caring attitudes!
JM, chronic UTI
Hillary, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It’s been a year since we started working together and OH! What progress we have made! I couldn’t even drink water without pain when we began. That’s CRAZY! I am so grateful to have your expertise and to have you on my team. Thank you for your help. I can’t wait to celebrate our next recovery milestone!
SK, chemical exposure and Lyme
… I developed herniated discs and back pain that at times was excruciating. Hillary treated me with acupuncture, electrical stimulation, and cups. It was like a miracle. Now I’m pain free and have my life back.
DD, lower back pain
I came to Hillary after years of thinking I was doing all the right things. I was feeling disappointed with Western medicine and working way too hard to feel awful and felt like my life was being stolen. I like how Hillary does a comprehensive workup.
JD, Bartonella
I suffered with getting violently ill every month. My doctor told me I have a hormonal imbalance and wanted to put me on medication... the acupuncture and my daily herbal drink have completely resolved my problem.
LN, sudden turmoil disorder
What’s most valuable to me is the knowledge and aid you’ve provided in helping me create balance. I am pleased, impressed, and very happy with the service and caring I receive.
MA, health maintenance
I am fully recovered!! It was a difficult 10 year healing journey and thanks to you, as well as other practitioners and methods, I can now say it is over. Thank you, thank you... for your kind ministrations, wisdom and passion for healing. I couldn't have done it without you!
JE, Lyme, CIRS and MCAS