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Radical Release:  The Winter Edition

8-Week Holistic Cleansing Lifestyle Program

*for the winter season*

hearth-fireThis winter, give yourself the space, structure, and support to rise up out of the winter doldrums and into a lofty embrace of the holistic cleansing lifestyle – day after revitalizing day… 
The Winter Edition Cleanse will:

  • Heal long-standing digestive system weakness;
  • Deeply rejuvenate your kidneys and adrenal glands;
  • Fortify your immunity;
  • Soften your frayed nervous system and grant you greater focus;
  • Enhance sluggish metabolism and circulation;
  • Bring heat and light into your body, mind and spirit.

Join me for this once-per-year seasonally-appropriate holistic cleansing program.
ENROLL NOW by paying in full ($400 / 350 Early-Birdy through 12/22)
Register Here with your 1st of 2 monthly installments ($200 / 175 x 2 through 12/22).
The winterized version of our Radical Release 8-week detox lifestyle program was specially designed to maximize the ancient wisdom and holistic health strategies that are most important for our body, minds, and spirits in the cold winter months.
During the winter, it is most important to:

  • Stoke the body’s internal fire, which in turn boosts metabolism, increases circulation, and generates inner heat and warmth;
  • Restore adrenal gland and kidney function;
  • Repair, heal and seal the gut, thereby optimizing digestion, immunity and more;
  • Support and mobilize the immune system;
  • Rest and reflect.

The Winter Edition Cleansing Lifestyle Program will guide and support you in creating all this and more.
Rather than the more intensive detoxification practices that are very cooling in nature, like consuming lots of fresh juice and raw foods (we’ll save that for spring and summertime!), the winter cleansing focus goes deeply into nourishing, supportive, and restorative foods, herbs and lifestyle practices to reset the nervous and endocrine systems, and gently detoxify and repair the body, mind and spirit. 
Do you suffer from any of these symptoms or diseases?
Bloating, gas, or indigestion
Constipation or loose stool
Thyroid imbalance
Adrenal taxation and fatigue
Poor energy
Chronic or recurrent infections of any kind
Hypertension or heart disease
Weight gain regardless of dietary and exercise efforts
Lyme disease
Nervousness, anxiety or depression
Joint or muscle pain or stiffness
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Cold hands and feet
If so, the practices, routines, recipes and protocols that are shared in this program will serve you for the rest of your days.
As always, we focus on developing a lifestyle that is sustainable, pleasurable, inspired by self-love, and that tends to your body-mind and spirit’s needs of the season.
Cleansing is so much about listening closely to your body.  In the stillness of winter there is opportunity to decipher the clues your body has been sending.  Through this process, you will learn to feed your body what it truly craves in order to live radiantly.
The Winter Edition is about getting back in touch with the depths of your self, and to taste the bounty of what the winter has to offer both on your plate and in your life.  It’s about rooting deeply within yourself and your life.
As you clear and cleanse your body, your entire energy, emotions,  perceptions, and patterning will shift; places where you’ve been stuck will move, and you will be in a far better position to manifest your dreams in 2015 with a clean clear channel of a body as your soul’s vehicle for expression.
The Winter Edition is for you if:

  • You have a mental or physical aversion to juicing or raw foods;
  • You feel cold easily;
  • You have symptoms or health conditions that worsen during the cold winter months;
  • You suffer from adrenal fatigue or hypothyroid;
  • You want a gentle, delicious, sustainable way to cleanse post-holiday, boost your immunity, reset your nervous system, and stay positive and vibrant for the rest of the winter;
  • You are having trouble recovering from any infection or disease (including Lyme);
  • You want to detoxify in a way that is in line with the season;
  • You have taken our 21-Day Detox, Radical Release, or other cleansing program in the past and want to renew your commitment to cleansing as a way of life in 2015 – with all-new recipes and themes dedicated to the cold and dark time of year.

Remember, YOU have the power to take back your health and create the strength and vitality that will support you in the New Year.
The Radical Release Winter Edition 8-Week Holistic Cleansing Lifestyle Program includes:

  • Step by step weekly content that teaches and reinforces the full spectrum of cleansing lifestyle practices;
  • 4-Phase Winter Cleansing Diet Guide which provides simple instructions on each weekly phase of diet and cleanse (in the 8 week program you will move through this 4-week cycle twice).
    • Each week focuses on 1 of the 4 Phases of the cleansing-healing cycle:  Clear, Cleanse, Replace, Repair. 
    • For each week / phase you will receive explicit instructions, understanding of the process, with basic meal plans and how-to;
    • Easy-prep recipes for health-generation in winter (my favorite season-appropriate juices, teas, broths, soups, stews, salads, smoothies, deserts, and more);
    • 8 Training Videos to help you learn and implement the steps of the cleanse;
    • Multi-Tiered Winter Fasting Guide for wintertime cleansing (with options for Very Beginner through Advanced levels of cleansing) – because anyone can do it!;
    • Weekly live Q&A calls with Hillary + audio recordings in case you miss it;
    • Additional exclusive Winter Edition recipes for cold weather cleansing and fortification, including health-generating classical Chinese, Ayurvedic, and traditional healing dishes;
    • Explorations on healing the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of being through basic hermetic practices of contemplation, breath, food, herbs, and energy conservation;
    • Adrenal Rejuvenation Protocols;
    • Holistic strategies for enhancing metabolism, circulation, and immunity during the winter months;
    • At-Home Retreat Guide
    • Simple, Luxurious Home Spa Treatments
    • 2 entire months of YOUR commitment met with MY support, encouragement and guidance for creating substantial health and vitality… which means YOU are much more likely to sustain your holistic cleansing lifestyle throughout the year to come.

ENROLL NOW by paying in full ($400 / 350 Early-Birdy through 12/22)
Register Here with your 1st of 2 monthly installments ($200 / 175 x 2 through 12/22).
Isn’t your health worth that much?
Live Upgrade/Local Options:

  • Whole Sky Yoga in High Falls, NY (upstairs from our new space!) discount for duration of your program;
  • 25% off in-person or video-conference consultation and treatment with Hillary for the duration of your program;
  • Bi-Weekly 75 minute meet-ups (location TBD in High Falls, NY) to ground your experience in community, expert guidance, supportive discussion, Q & A time.  (4 group sessions = $75) *If cancelled due to inclement weather they will NOT be rescheduled.   However, a video/phone conference may be scheduled in its place.

Let us know when you enroll if you are interested in any of these options!
Our Guarantee:  If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, you may be refunded fully anytime before January 26, 2015, no questions asked!
I like to cleanse in the spring or summer.  Why should I cleanse in the wintertime?
Winter cleansing brings your body back into balance at a time when it may be most vulnerable to illness and stagnation.  By cleansing in a supportive manner throughout the winter you protect your organs and are much better equipped to fend off illness, lethargy and seasonal blues that hold you back in the dark and cold time of year.
What if it’s too hard for me?
This program is perfect for beginners and seasoned cleansers alike.  Our  programs offer a signature multi-tiered design so that you have options for engaging in the level of cleansing that you feel ready for – from very basic to advanced.
Do I need to “get healthy” first before doing something like this?
It’s helpful to get rid of what you know is not serving your body – the sooner the better!  But it’s not necessary, and the program is designed to support this process.  Our cleanse approach is gentle and holistic and empowers your body to detoxify and re-build at the pace that your body’s inner intelligence will determine is best.  Hillary will guide you throughout the course with a myriad of ways to speed it up or slow it down, depending on what you feel ready for.
Does this cleanse program come with supplements or do they cost extra?
This program is designed without products.  Not only does this save you money and steer you away from depending on products to achieve your health goals, our system works better!  I have found over the years and with much experimentation that the best cleansing happens by supporting the body’s natural detoxification capabilities with fundamental things like healing water, foods and herbs, and the tools and strategies that encourage your body’s natural ability to cleanse and heal.   This is what I will be sharing in this program, all geared toward the body, mind and sprit’s needs in wintertime.  When products can take you further and enhance this process, I will share this information.
What is the program start date?
The Welcome Packet will be sent on January 2, and Module 1 will be sent on Monday January 5, 2015 to your email and/or postal mail.  Content will be sent out weekly on Mondays thereafter.
What if I’m interested, but not ready right now?
The Radical Release Winter Edition only happens once per year.  If you feel this is the right program for you, but need to start later, then register now and all of the information and call recordings will be yours to keep and begin whenever you are ready.
Can I do this course while taking medication?
Yes.  There is no aspect of the course that is contra-indicated with any medication.  If you are interested in weaning off any of your medications, then set up a consultation with Hillary and she will be happy to help you with that (these are discounted 25% for the duration of the course)!
Do you have a payment plan?
Yes, you can pay in 2 monthly installments  HERE.
When are the live Q&A calls with Hillary scheduled?
All calls will be held at 2:15 – 3 pm on Wednesdays beginning January 7 – February 25, 2015, EST.
What if I’ve already done the Radical Release, the 21-day Detox, or another cleansing program – can I still benefit from this?
Yes, 100%!  This course is for anyone with a deep desire to continue improving their health and vitality.  It’s about making the most of the challenging winter season so that when spring comes you’re ready to sing your song with the birdies!  You will learn health and life practices that will serve you every year, for the rest of your life.
What if I’m on a special diet that’s working for me?
You can eat according to any special diet that you like.  You can take the cleansing concept and fit it to the way of eating that works best for your body.  Hillary is available to help you with personalizing the program to work best for you!
How much time do I need to devote to this program?
As with all things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out.  We encourage you to participate fully on the group calls, make full use of the Facebook Forum, watch the short training videos, and devour all the content.  All in all, it may take 4 hours per week to participate fully in the program and plan how to implement the step-by-step process into your life.
Just a few simple changes to your lifestyle—beginning with the foods you choose to eat—can and will make ALL the difference in the world.  It’s simple, fun, and it’s easy (or I wouldn’t do it).
I look forward to working together to unearth and meet the deeper needs of your body, mind and spirit in Winter 2015!
PS – Still feel like too big a commitment?  Check out our pared down version – a 1 month Winter Cleanse – here!

Hillary collaborated with me on a holistic plan that addressed my specific health issues. The worst symptoms—fatigue, brain fog and joint pain—were 80% better within seven months. I am grateful for their skill and care in managing complex conditions in a patient, methodical and encouraging way.
LP, Lyme and work burnout
Your clinic does powerful healing and meaningful work. You have completely changed my life for the better, and I hope others can reap the benefits of what you do. It is life changing, and I will ALWAYS be grateful to all of you, and your mission to heal.
SP, Lyme disease
Had to share!! My cravings… are hardly there. I am a believer. Seeing Hillary was the best decision I could have made! Also, her receptionist made me very comfortable.
JD, quitting smoking
It is rare these days to actually find a person who has the skill to resolve the problem. I am able to resume walking and feel much better. Congratulations, I am awed & grateful!
SB, high blood pressure
I want to express my deep appreciation for all on the staff whom I've interacted with. No matter who I've talked with, I'm greeted with a pleasant, kind and caring reception... Please accept my gratitude for all you each do and your helpful and caring attitudes!
JM, chronic UTI
Hillary, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It’s been a year since we started working together and OH! What progress we have made! I couldn’t even drink water without pain when we began. That’s CRAZY! I am so grateful to have your expertise and to have you on my team. Thank you for your help. I can’t wait to celebrate our next recovery milestone!
SK, chemical exposure and Lyme
… I developed herniated discs and back pain that at times was excruciating. Hillary treated me with acupuncture, electrical stimulation, and cups. It was like a miracle. Now I’m pain free and have my life back.
DD, lower back pain
I came to Hillary after years of thinking I was doing all the right things. I was feeling disappointed with Western medicine and working way too hard to feel awful and felt like my life was being stolen. I like how Hillary does a comprehensive workup.
JD, Bartonella
I suffered with getting violently ill every month. My doctor told me I have a hormonal imbalance and wanted to put me on medication... the acupuncture and my daily herbal drink have completely resolved my problem.
LN, sudden turmoil disorder
What’s most valuable to me is the knowledge and aid you’ve provided in helping me create balance. I am pleased, impressed, and very happy with the service and caring I receive.
MA, health maintenance
I am fully recovered!! It was a difficult 10 year healing journey and thanks to you, as well as other practitioners and methods, I can now say it is over. Thank you, thank you... for your kind ministrations, wisdom and passion for healing. I couldn't have done it without you!
JE, Lyme, CIRS and MCAS